Game-Changing GenieCut

No hassle, Quick Set-up, Fast Changover, Reduced Downtime 

For nearly 100 years, window patching technology has remained virtually the same. The GenieCut is a leap in technological advancement. Seamlessly integrate it with your folder-gluer without losing floor space and is designed for all thicknesses of carton and corrugated box packaging blanks. Say goodbye to lengthy setups, complicated threading and long cleanup. 

Designed for straight-line, 4 corner, 6 corner and crash-lock bottom boxes.

Carton Windowing at Maximum Velocity: 

The maximum speed of the machine components is 200 meters per minute. Optimized installations have achieved production averages of up to 150 meters per minute(belt speed). So how many boxes per hour. Well, it depends on the size of your box. Current productions have seen 15,000-50,000 boxes per hour, depending on blank size. 

Choose from various glue gun modules, including 6, 9, 12, or 15 inches. A touchscreen control interface makes it incredibly simple to adjust the film and glue patterns while the machine is in operation. 


Precision-Engineered for Stability and Robustness: 

Our patented film cutting system is so advanced that since its implementation in 2018, no blade changes have been needed on any installations. Built to outperform and outlast, maintenance has been limited to a few belt replacements since they first started to be installed. 


Reduced downtime, Increased productivity:

Spend less time setting up and more time producing.  Say goodbye to the complicated threading of film through rollers and nip points. Cleaning the machine involves a quick wipe of the glue gun module. That's it. Seriously.


Elevate your Carton Windowing

Optimize your Production

Boost Productivity


Achieve highspeed throughput rates, making your facility more competitive.
Discover how
GenieCut can redefine your carton windowing capabilities today!


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